50 Cent Isn’t Offended By Meek Mill and French Montana’s Snitch Accusations

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50 Cent has confronted nark allegations for a considerable length of time. He as of late denied the charges by and by while likewise saying Meek Mill and French Montana’s abuse didn’t bother him.

He’s been talking about his new ABC suit arrangement For Life while on his extreme advancement run as of late, and during an ongoing plunk down with Cigar Talk, 50 Cent tended to detailed bogus charges against him. For a considerable length of time, Fif has been forced to bear allegations that he’s an administration source who squealed on Jimmy Henchman.

There was asserted documentation gliding around, however TMZ gave a report expressing that their law requirement sources affirmed that it was phony administrative work.

Fif has resolutely denied that he’s even squealed on anybody, and he by and by shielded his respect on Cigar Talk. He talked about the late 1980s and mid 1990s as when road code was firm. “That is where n*ggas get thumped and they simply go, ‘Give me my time. I don’t give a f*ck what you talkin’ ‘session,'” Fif said.

“They ain’t tellin’ on no one, ’cause in the event that you tellin’, you can’t anticipate returning home. Where you following you get out? The area ain’t tolerating that. ‘B*tch ass n*gga, we heard you a rodent.'”

However, there are likewise times when individuals are pegged to be sources when they genuinely aren’t. “They express these things when they need to tell—in any event, for me actually, they attempted to assault my character. They state, ‘He a rodent, or he various stuff,'” 50 Cent proceeded. “All you gotta do is ask them who I told on. I ain’t never told on no n*gga in my life.

In the Preme [Kenneth McGriff] circumstance, it’ll reveal to you who told on him. My name ain’t all things considered, however they talking ‘session that I required a request for assurance. Why it feels like I’m the harasser over here, at that point?… You required security, n*gga. Also, your assurance gone. That is reality.”

50 Cent said that when there are meats or “debates with more youthful specialists” they don’t have the foggiest idea what ammo to use against him, so they take from what they’ve heard and gone for it. “You heard it when Meek [Mill] was talkin’ sh*t and you heard it with French [Montana].

I don’t disapprove of it when they doin’ it, since I realize what they doin’. I disapprove of where it began. You never observe—let Jimmy Henchman reveal to you I’m a nark… Jimmy been snitchin’ since 1942.” Watch his full meeting with Cigar Talk underneath.

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