Freeway Ft. Lil Wayne – Blood Pressure

Freeway Ft. Lil Wayne – Blood Pressure

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Freeway Ft. Lil Wayne – Blood Pressure

It’s safe to say Freeway has endured a long & extremely tough road to his new album Think Free. The Philadelphia veteran had been working on it years ago when he suffered some serious health scares and received treatments following kidney failure two years ago but thankfully things are on the up and up now. Calling himself the “the flyest nigga on dialysis,” Freeway finally came through and released the album today after years of anticipation, featuring  Lil Wayne, Lil Uzi Vert, Jadakiss, Faith Evans, Fat Joe, and more.

Looking to highlight one of the records, here goes the long-awaited record with Lil Wayne called “Blood Pressure,” which Freeway first announced way back in 2014. It’s unclear if Weezy re-recorded the verse or if it’s the same one from years ago, but there’s quite the inappropriate line in there where Wayne references Kesha and molesting a girl, especially in today’s’ day in age with the #MeToo movement going on.

“We kidnap your girl, we need that Kesha, we molest ya,” he spits in his verse.

Quotable Lyrics:

Hollygrove, that’s 17, no L-I-E, I’m L-I-T
I’m the Y-M-E, K-I-N-G, B-L-O-O-D-I-N-G
I’m O-U-T H-E-R-E with my G-O-O-N-Z-Z-Z
We T-O-O D-E-E-P, I gave a bitch 3 wishes, she wanted me, me, me


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