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Migos – Dab Of Ranch MP3 Download

Listen to the official version of Migos’ rap snacks jingle “Dab Of Ranch”.

Migos officially crossed over into the mainstream with the Billboard chart-topping “Bad and Boujee” from their now-released sophomore album Culture, the Atlanta trio created one of the catchiest snack jingles in recent memory with “Dab of Ranch.”The small ditty was for their collaboration with Hip Hop-inspired snack food outlet Rap Snacks. Speaking with DX in December, company CEO JamesFly” Lindsay mentioned the track becoming a commercial single.“Yes and we have a commercial that’s really funny and the commercial single’s going to be released with it along with merchandise,” Lindsay told DX.According to a recent video from Migos, they’re already working on the full version with some notable bars including “don’t grab a Snickers, go get a bag of em” and “give me some, cause I’m bout to smash … get your own, you’ll be glad.”

Quotable Lyrics:

Number one record, the chip breaking record so add it up
Trappin’ ’em out the gas stations
Customers, customers lined up (customers)
I heard that you hungry and you make your mind up
Don’t grab a Snickers, and go get a bag of ‘em (bag of what?)
Dab of Ranch, what’s with the ranch, just a lil dab
Just give me a bag (just give me some) cause I’m bout to smash
Give me some out that bag
Just get your own you’ll be glad

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