Tyga – Teterboro Flow

Tyga – Teterboro Flow MP3 Download

Tyga Teterboro Flow MP3 Download

Bitch, he’s the shit.

It’s still early, but Tyga’s new mixtape Bitch I’m The Shit 2 seems like a return to form for T-Raww. The charisma and flow come through in full effect on “Teterboro Flow,” which bangs from the jump with an immediate beat from Crakwav. The eerie synth arpeggios follow an unconventional chord progression, which fills the instrumental with a certain inherent tension.Worry not, for Tyga wastes little time in killing it. He rides the beat with finesse, utilizing his voice creatively and throwing in clever references to D12 and Liam Neeson. If you still need convincing that T-Raww is poised for a comeback, look no further.

Quotable Lyrics

Nigga stuntin’ all I know, frontin’ is all you do
Nigga I ain’t talk to the po’, but I’m with the boys in blue
This my Teterboro, been thorough
I’m a specialist need a referral
I’m a sick shit, need a V12
Pop a pill, that’s a D12

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